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Wow we’re almost already at the end of 2022. Sitecore’s MVP nomination season opened up again.

At the beginning of the year I received my 13th Sitecore MVP title from Sitecore and during the year I’ve been working on a prestigious Sitecore platform where we now have multiple headless JSS Sites in production. I’ve worked on some open-source Sitecore projects, and continued with my Sitecore blogging, something I increased a lot since 2019 & 2020 & 2021.

Unfortunately my year didn’t go well for me physically. In June 2022 I tore my anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), and thereafter had just bad luck. With 3 surgeries recently and a long recovery ahead of me, this unfortunately affected my good start of 2022. At the moment I’m still recovering by doing physical therapy 4x a week, but I’m confident I will come back stronger in 2023 and will make sure to pick up my extra Sitecore activities again!

My highlights this year would be SUGCON Europe 2022 in Budapest, where I first of all presented, but was also the first in-person conference again after the Covid-19 pandemic. Another highlight would be the multi-site SXA headless Next.js/JSS project I’ve worked on. I’ve learned a ton (React, SXA Headless, Nextjs, JSS, LayoutService, Rendering Contents Resolver) which will for sure make it into multiple blog-posts/video’s next year.

Now with the Sitecore MVP 2023 nominations coming up, with this blog-post I would like to write down what my contributions were in 2022 to the Sitecore Community.

Sitecore blogs

Sitecore open-source contributions

I contributed to or shared the following Sitecore open-source projects/code:

For 2023 my goals are to continue to work on great Headless Sitecore projects (Next.js/JSS/SXA Headless), do even more technical talks (weather that’s on stage or on YouTube), and hopefully get to explore more Headless Sitecore products (CDP, OrderCloud, XM Cloud).

But maybe more important, I hope to see you all in real life again, whether that’s during SUGCON Europe 2023 or at a Sitecore Symposium 2023 (since I had to miss this year’s in-person event in Chicago due to my knee injury).

Tips & Tricks for your MVP nomination

Here are some tips and tricks that might help you with your application:

Wishing you all a great 2023 with lots of Sitecore-ing! Good luck on your Sitecore MVP nominations!