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Kayee’s Robbert Hock, an experienced 13x Sitecore MVP has joined the Sitecore MVP Program to support Sitecore Community members to become a Sitecore MVP.

The MVP mentor program provides guidance to those in the Sitecore Community who want to become an MVP. With joining this program as a mentor, Robbert is going to share his MVP experience so that aspiring MVP’s can gain from his 13x Sitecore MVP experiences, skills, knowledge & support.

“The program has been designed so that mentee’s attain their goal of contributing more meaningfully to the Sitecore Community and overcome challenges. I’m looking forward helping aspiring MVP’s with this. – Robbert Hock (Kayee)”

Mentor’s responsibilities

  • Mentors need to be willing to mentor 1 or 2 mentees
  • Commitment to spending a couple hours a month mentoring
  • Willingness to participate in the Mentor Network which includes monthly calls
  • Eagerness to share their success stories with the whole community

If you’re an inspiring Sitecore MVP and want to join the Sitecore MVP Mentor Program, then visit:

Learn more about the Sitecore MVP Mentor Program

Happy Sitecore-ing!