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In this short blogpost I would like to share that Sitecore has released an update to Sitecore Personalize: a new UI for experiment and experience lists.

This update modernizes the interface, improves navigation, and provides better access to crucial analytics, ensuring a more intuitive and efficient user experience.

Key Enhancements:

Expanded Viewing Area

  • The new design maximizes your workspace by removing the left-hand navigation pane, giving you more room to view your lists.

Simpler Creation Process

  • Creating experiments and experiences is now easier than ever with a single button to initiate any type.

Inline Tabs for Easy Switching

  • Easily switch between different types of experiments and experiences and filter by their status with the new inline tabs.

Enhanced Metrics at a Glance

The new UI incorporates metrics directly into the lists, helping you decide which experiments or experiences to explore further. Key columns include:

  • Performance: Performance against the primary goal.
  • Variant Traffic: Traffic distribution across variants.
  • Progress: Indicates whether 100% of required sessions have been reached.
  • Success Metrics: Number of successful and failed executions, along with success rates.

Using the Experiment List

The experiment list in Sitecore Personalize now offers dynamic monitoring, enabling quick and efficient comparison of performance metrics between experiments. You no longer need to open each experiment individually to check progress or identify issues. A snapshot of progress data is readily available, simplifying the decision on which experiment to click and explore further.

Filtering Options

  • View experiments by status: Live, Scheduled, Draft, Paused, and Completed.
  • Refine the list by type: Web, Interactive, or Triggered.

Live Experiments

The Live view displays all currently active experiments, indicating that their personalization settings are in effect and variants are being shown to guests. This real-time view ensures you can monitor and manage active experiments effectively.

Introducing the New UI for Experiment and Experience Lists in Sitecore Personalize

Transition Period

If you prefer, you can revert to the old UI until June 1st, when it will be discontinued.

I’m confident that the new UI for experiment and experience lists in Sitecore Personalize will improve your workflow and make managing your personalization strategies more straightforward and insightful. Explore these enhancements today and take your personalization efforts to the next level!

Happy Sitecore-ing!