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Hi there,

In this short blog-post I would like to let you know that a new version of the Sitecore Module Docker Asset Image Creator project has been released. And it’s a major one!

Kamruz Jaman, a 10x Sitecore MVP and partner at Konabos, added in some functionality that was lacking, so a big shout out to him! This is the power of the Sitecore community.

  • The module now will create a Docker image based upon the passed-in tag
  • It auto-detects if docker is up and running or not when a tag is passed in
  • A switch was added to auto generate a CD folder for images that will be used for a CD role, which auto-includes the module’s content into the CD folder
  • The readme file was updated with example usage

Release v1.5 can be found here.

If you have not seen me explaining what the project does, have a look at Auto create a Docker Asset Image for your Sitecore Module or check out the recent presentation I did on this module for the German Sitecore User Group.

Happy Sitecore-ing!