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Hi there,

In this blogpost I would like to inform you on another Sitecore Community project I’ve been working on: The Sitecore Module Docker Asset Image Creator.

This module contains a script that handles the auto creation of a Docker Asset Image for a given Sitecore Module. The script is intended to automate most of the steps that need to be taken in order to create a custom Docker Asset Image for your Sitecore Module.

I got the inspiration for this project after reading the following blog posts:

Where, in these excellent blog posts, Arvai & Erica go through a lot of manual steps, I wanted to automate that. Sitecore’s Docker documentation is pretty detailed about how to do it as well, so make sure to check that out as well, so you’ll get an understanding of what needs to be done to convert your Sitecore Module .zip package (that contains your module’s dll, config etc….) to a Docker Asset Image.

Introducing the Sitecore Module Docker Asset Image Creator

Clone the following repository if you want to test out my module:

The only thing you need to-do is drop the Sitecore .zip package of your module into the Packages folder.

When that’s done, you can run the powershell script, for example in my case, I’m also maintaining a Sitecore Module project called Sitecore.DataExchange.Gutters, where I’ll for example end up with a release where you can find the .zip file called:

When I now run: .\Create-SitecoreModule-DockerAssetImage.ps1 -ModulePackageName “” the script will convert your Sitecore package into a format which is ready so you can create a custom Docker Assset Image from your Sitecore Module (which you then can push to Docker Hub and host it for others to use) by doing the following:

  • docker build –tag {your docker username}/{your docker repo name}:{your module version} .

(more info on that in Erica’s and Arvai’s posts)

Check it out in action

I’ve recorded a video where you can see the module in action.

I understand it might not be perfect, especially if you need todo additional things for your module, such as special scripts that might need to run from the tools directory, or adding additional indexes for solr, but this will definitely save you on the manual steps you need todo.


Here are some links that will come in handy for understanding what the module does:

Dockerize your Sitecore Module

Check out the following awesome Dockerize your Sitecore Module presentations by Mihály Árvai on Youtube for more background info. Maybe one day he’ll even adds this module to one of his presentations 😉

Happy Sitecore-ing!