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Next week I’ll be presenting at Sitecore’s SUGCON Europe 2022, the first in-person Sitecore event in 2 years!

I’ll be presenting on “Creating Docker Asset Images for your own Sitecore modules”

In this lightning talk I will show you how you can build your own Docker Asset Images for your own Sitecore modules by leveraging a module that I build and open-sourced. I will explain how I got the inspiration, how the module technically works and will do a live demo of the module. When you are planning to move over or already are working in a containerized environment for your Sitecore projects and want to leverage your own created Sitecore Modules, then this session will be a must! As a takeaway you’ll get an understanding of the module, you’ll get links to blog posts, YouTube Video’s and the open-source project for a more in depth understanding of Docker Asset Image creation.

If you haven’t bought tickets yet you can do that here:

More info on SUGCON can be found here:

Looking forward seeing the Sitecore community again in real-life!