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Sitecore just announced at Sitecore Symposium 2019 in Orlando, that version 9.3 of their Digital Experience Platform has been released.

The new version comes with some requirements in terms of a new Solr version, version 8.1.1. In this blogpost I’ll walk you through what you need in order to set this up. As blogged by me before, it’s highly recommended by Sitecore to use OpenJDK now, since Oracle started charging for Java.

If you have any version of Java installed let’s get rid of it first through the configuration panel and get it removed. As said in my previous blogpost, I’m using Chocolatey as my software automation tool.

Install Chocolatey, and once installed make sure you open up a command prompt or Powershell prompt and run the following command:

  • choco install openjdk

This will make sure that the latest version of the OpenJDK gets installed, which is in this case: 13.0.1

With that in place, we can install Solr 8.1.1. Go to Github and clone my sitecore-93-scripts repository, which basically is just a small adjustment to some Solr install scripts originally developed by Jeremy Davis and adopted by the Sitecore Demo team.

In Powershell, go to the /Solr directory and execute the install-solr.ps1 script. This will install Solr 8.1.1 on port 8489.

Now that Solr 8.1.1 is setup, you can go ahead and install Sitecore 9.3

Happy Sitecore-ing…