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In this short blog-post I would like to walk you through the various sessions that I’m planning on attending on the last day of Sitecore Symposium 2019 – Day 3 (November 7th, 2019), and why I think they are a must-see.

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Thursday November 7th, 2019

Hopefully everyone has recovered from the Sitecore Symposium party and able to attend the last half a day of sessions. And it already starts early and with an opening keynote you don’t want to miss. Former NBA hall of fame basketball player Magic Johnson will kick off the last day of Sitecore Symposium. Still a pitty that Łukasz Skowroński won the MVP contest and not me (2nd ;-( ), since he’s able to meet Magic in real life and I won’t, haha.

Anyway, we still have a couple of parallel sessions left.

Blazing fast Sitecore sites

9:40 am — 10:25 am / Swan 7-10, Swan

Alex Shyba (Co-founder, Altola) & Adam Weber – These days website performance cannot be an afterthought. Search engines use performance as a primary factor when calculating ranking. Visitors abandon sites that are slow to load. Getting truly blazing fast websites powered by Sitecore is possible, and we want to show you how. In this session, Alex will share insights for how to get the highest Google Lighthouse scores, how to get personalization to run 98 times faster, and how to scale experiences globally, all while maintaining reasonable hosting costs.

Watching these guys talk is always a lot of fun! Hope they shoot some shirts again 😉 And this one is on Sitecore JSS as well, hooray! Hopefully they will highlight something of their products Sitelify or Uniform as well. Seeing that 98 times faster in the description, it must be Uniform ;-). Go see this one.

Using Sitecore Content Hub to take control of your digital asset lifecycle

10:45 am — 11:30 am / Swan 7-10, Swan

Tim Pashuysen (Chief Strategy Officer, Sitecore) & Brent Pinkstaff (Senior Solution Architect, EPAM Systems) & Chris Williams (Sitecore Architect, EPAM Systems) – When it comes to content, Sitecore offers many options to manage the lifecycle, including scheduled publishing and strategies for workflow and archiving. Sitecore Content Hub provides a consistent and easy way for you to manage your digital assets. In this session, we will demonstrate ways you can manage your asset lifecycle and highlight some of the areas where you may need custom development or additional tools to complete the process.

2020 is the year of the DAM according to Chris. Recently I attended the Belgium Sitecore User Group where I got a good presentation of the functionalities of the Sitecore Content Hub. I blogged on this: Sitecore Content Hub – More than just a DAM. It’s definately more than just a DAM. Go check out this one if you’re interested in this new Sitecore product addition.

Do less: Reduce load impact by caching and offloading static content

10:45 am — 11:30 am / Swan 7-10, Swan

Juan Garza (Digital Systems Architect, Rackspace) – Scaling up your content delivery infrastructure will increase your load capacity by increasing “horsepower,” but maybe your horses can work harder, increasing the efficiency of scaling up exponentially. Learn how to leverage Caching and Content Delivery networks to reduce impact on your servers.

Looking forward to this session on scaling, caching & performance tips.

Closing day 3

After these morning parallel sessions there’s one more closing keynote for the last day and then Sitecore Symposium 2019 ends. For me as a 10x Sitecore MVP I will continue for 1,5 day more at the Sitecore MVP summit.

Hope you got inspired by the sessions that I think I’m attending.

CU in Orlando!