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Sitecore Rocks – Best Practice: Adding Field Help Messages

This is the first video of the Sitecore Rocks – Best Practice series. In this video I cover how we can add field help messages with Sitecore Rocks and provide tips to help developers with adding meaningful and helpful help information. Vasiliy Fomichev started the Sitecore Best Practice series last week in which he did the same, but then how to do things in the Sitecore Content Editor. This is my answer to his video, but then while using Sitecore Rocks.

In the upcoming weeks I hope to keep up to date with whatever Vasiliy comes up with and if that can be done with Sitecore Rocks.

Hope you enjoy my video too! And if you haven’t checked it out already make sure you check on my Advanced Sitecore Rocks presentation that I gave at the Nordic Sitecore Conference in Malmo last November 2015.

Happy Sitecore trails

Robbert Hock
Sitecore MVP 2010-2015

p.s You can check out Vasiliy’s video here on the right and @Vasiliy thanks for the start of this series!