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Advanced Sitecore Rocks at Nordic Sitecore Conference 2015

This is a recording of the session that I gave at the Nordic Sitecore Conference (SUGCON Nordics 2015) on November 5th 2015 in Malmo, Sweden.

Still many developers don’t use Sitecore Rocks in their daily routine. In this session I will show how to get more out of Sitecore Rocks. I will show you how to speed up your development time with Sitecore, show you the various possibilities of Sitecore Rocks and give you valuable tips & tricks on using Sitecore Rocks in your daily routine and while developing Sitecore applications.

After this session you will be one of those super-Sitecore Rocks-heroes!

More info about the conference and my session can be found here.

Hope you enjoy it!


Robbert Hock
Sitecore MVP 2010-2015