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“Advanced Sitecore Rocks – Tips & Tricks” at the Nordic Sitecore Conference

At November 5th 2015, Robbert Hock – Sitecore MVP and owner of Kayee, will be speaking at the Nordic Sitecore Conference in MALMØ, SWEDEN.

The Nordic Sitecore Conference is the must-attend event of the year for Sitecore developers in the Northern Europe region. Stay on top of the development and understand the how, when and why of latest Sitecore Development tribulations. This is the Sitecore event, you don’t want to miss!

Robbert’s session will be about Sitecore Rocks.

Still many developers don’t use Sitecore Rocks in their daily routine. In this session Robbert will show how to get more out of Sitecore Rocks and will show you how to speed up your development time with Sitecore, show you the various possibilities of Sitecore Rocks and give you valuable tips & tricks on using Sitecore Rocks in your daily routine and while developing SPEAK applications.

For the first time ever in the Nordic countries, you’ll be able to attend a first class Sitecore Conference packed with the latest insights and advice from some of the most experienced, skillfull Sitecore experts in the world.

You’ll get invaluable insights on how to get the most out of the Sitecore Experience platform

Other sessions

Other sessions include topics like:

  • Microsoft’s new DI Framework
  • SPEAK 2.0
  • How to develop an opensource project like Glass Mapper
  • Sitecore Powershell
  • Sitecore Devops
  • And many more hot Sitecore topics

Besides that there will be a opening keynote by Lars Fløe Nielsen, Co-Founder & Senior Vice President Technical Marketing at Sitecore and a closing note by Martina Welander, Technical Consulting Engineer at Sitecore

It is great to see a third SUGCON (Sitecore Usergroup Conference) event happening in 2015 after the successful SUGCON Europe 2015 in June in Eindhoven – The Netherlands and SUGCON North America 2015 in New Orleans – USA. The Sitecore community is expanding and great initiatives like these are born. It’s great to be part of not only organizing SUGCON Europe 2015, but also to be able to speak at SUGCON Nordics.

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