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Hi there,

On April 29, 2024 Sitecore finally released a new version of their on premise DXP: Sitecore 10.4. Their previous version Sitecore 10.3 was released on December 1, 2022, so a new version was very welcome to get 200 new enhancements released.

In November 2021 I took over the Sitecore – Remote Cache Kick project, originally created by James Gregory, which is a module that adds a button to the publish ribbon so users (with access) can clear the remote server caches on CD Servers. Back then I upgraded all the way to Sitecore 10.2, I however never made it compatible already with Sitecore 10.3.

Now with Sitecore 10.4 out, I decided to give it an update: first to support & test it to be compatible with Sitecore 10.3. Then I started with the support and testing of the module for Sitecore 10.4. During all of this I decided to replace the Unicorn serialization part of the Core database Ribbon Chunks & Strips with the Sitecore.CLI, so internally we can easier do the serialization on a clean Sitecore instance while supporting future Sitecore DXP versions.

Remote Cache Kick repository

You can find the open source project at:


You can find the latest 10.3 & 10.4 releases here:

Check out the file for more info.

Enjoy! And remember: Happy Sitecore-ing!