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Hi there,

On April 29, 2024 Sitecore finally released a new version of their on premise DXP: Sitecore 10.4. Their previous version Sitecore 10.3 was released on December 1, 2022, so a new version was very welcome to get 200 new features released.

With the Sitecore 10.4 release, Sitecore also released a new version of the ‘Sitecore Publishing Service Module’. The Sitecore Publishing Service however didn’t need a change to be compatible with Sitecore 10.4 and remains at version: Sitecore Publishing Service 7.x.

In this short blogpost I wanted to let you that the open-source project:

‘SIF scripts for Sitecore to autoinstall the Sitecore Publishing Service (SPS) and the corresponding Publishing Module’

has been updated to already support the latest version as well: Sitecore 10.4.

The Sitecore Publishing Service is an opt-in module providing an alternative to the default Sitecore publishing mechanism focusing on increased performance by doing operations in bulk.

See the Sitecore Publishing Service compatibility table for the various compatibility, for 10.4 I’ve used the following combinations:

  • Sitecore Experience Platform 10.4.0 (April 2024) – Uses SPS 7.0.20 & Module 10.4.0

The latest code release can be found here:

You can from now on download the releases from the Sitecore Developer Portal:

More info on Sitecore 10.4 can be found here:

If you haven’t used the module or you want to see how the module works, check out the video below:

You can of course also read the thoroughly setup README file.

Happy Sitecore-ing!