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Hi there,

On December 1, 2022 Sitecore released their new version of their Digital Experience Platform (DXP), version 10.3. In this short blog-post I wanted to let you know that SI-Snitch, the open-source project I took over from Derek Correia, is now compatible with Sitecore 10.3!

At the same time, new versions for Sitecore 10.1.2 & Sitecore 10.2 have been tested & released.

What is SI Snitch?

SI Snitch is a small utility for inspecting claims on a Sitecore instance that are coming from a Sitecore Identity Server. The functionality is reading claims passed to Sitecore from Sitecore Identity, after transformation of those claims from Sitecore Identity.

With this upgrade SI-Snitch now has 8 releases.

Check out the updated readme file for build, installation instructions and usage.

Previous blogposts on SI Snitch

And that’s it…enjoy using SI Snitch on Sitecore 10.3

Happy Sitecore-ing!