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Sitecore XP 10.3, which was released on December 1st, 2022, delivers new capabilities and improvements to organizations using Sitecore XP. The release makes it easier for organizations to extend and integrate Sitecore XP with other applications in their marketing tech stack, and introduces new features to support the use of Sitecore XP as a headless content management system (CMS).

Some of the key features of the 10.3 release include:

  • Management and administration APIs and webhooks that enable developers to take an API-first, industry-standard approach to customization. Webhooks are essentially a way for an app to provide other applications with real-time information. When an event occurs within the app, a notification is sent in the form of an HTTP POST request to the registered webhook URL. This allows developers to easily integrate and automate processes between different applications.
  • The introduction of Headless SXA and Headless Services 21.0, which make it easier for organizations to use Sitecore XP as a headless CMS and build engaging experiences using modern front-end frameworks, such as React and Angular. Headless SXA now includes new Next.js Headless SXA components.
  • EXM enhancements, including added OAuth support for custom SMTP deployments.
  • Management Services 5.0, which includes enhanced Experience Edge publishing, resolved default publishing target, and support for single-item publishing.
  • Sitecore CLI 5.0, which adds Linux support, new telemetry, and XM Cloud support.

The 10.3 release also includes system updates, such as support for .NET 6 and Solr 8.11.2, and support for Windows Server 2022 coming in January. However, the release does not include support for Horizon, which is being discontinued by Sitecore. Organizations using Horizon should remain on 10.2 to avoid losing access to the visual page builder.

Get Sitecore XP 10.3 here

Happy Sitecoring!