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Last Thursday, February 25th, 2021 Sitecore released their new version of their experience platform, version 10.1. With new exciting features, such as a better SXA and Horizon integration, and a new Next.js SDK for Headless development and much more (finally a simple email action for Sitecore Forms ;-)), also modules got upgraded.

One of these modules is the Publishing Service module for Sitecore 10.1. Two weeks ago I demo-ed and showed my Github project, which you can use to autoinstall the Publishing Service and Publishing Module on top of a Sitecore 10 instance.

In today’s blogpost I want to inform you that the project has been updated to support Sitecore 10.1. Sitecore 10.1 comes with a new module but more importantly also a new Publishing Service version: 5.0.0.

My github repo can be found here (make sure to read the readme file if you plan on using it):

If you haven’t seen my previous post, check it out here: Auto install the Sitecore Publishing Service & Publishing Module through Sitecore SIF

Happy Sitecore-ing!