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Glass Mapper for Sitecore is an object mapping framework for mapping Sitecore items directly onto an object model, this allows you to model your entire Sitecore solution in code. Released back in 2012 by Mike Edwards from, Glass Mapper for Sitecore quickly developed itself into the must-have ORM tool while doing Sitecore Development.

I think I’ve used Glass Mapper in around 90% of all the Sitecore Webforms & Sitecore MVC projects I’ve done to date, and I consider it a must in every Sitecore MVC project.

Since 2018, you can financially support the awesome open-source Glass.Mapper.Sc project. By donating to the Glass.Mapper.Sc project supporters allow the Glass Mapper team to find the time to develop the framework, write documentation and answer you questions in Slack. The time and effort to develop and maintain this framework has been given happily and freely by Mike and some other volunteers like Nathanael Mann. However as Sitecore has become more complex and as the community has grown the amount of time required to support the framework has increased. Hence they started a fund raiser to keep continuing on what they were already doing: building this awesome tool!

Wanting to support this project for a long time, it’s now finally the time to call myself a Patron or Patreon or as Mike calls it, a rockstar of Glass.Mapper.Sc.

Support Glass.Mapper.Sc

It’s time that we get more patrons for one of the best open-source Sitecore project out there.

You can choose from the following tiers:

  • Happy Sippers for $3 or more per month
  • The Whole Glass for $5 or more per month
  • I’ll Order Another for $10 or more per month
  • Drinks At The Office for $50 or more per month
  • Drinks With The Boss $100 or more per month

Even though they are already a lot of individual community members out there supporting this project, I think we’re still missing agencies in the list of backers (without the exception of Konabos Consulting and Dataweavers, so big shout out to them!).

With this announcement I hope to get them on board a little bit more, since most agencies are using this mapper in their daily deliveries of Sitecore Platforms to their end customers.

More info

You can find more information here on how to support the project on Patreon.

Happy Sitecoring … happy Glass Mappering …