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SUGCON Europe 2017 event bot now available in Facebook Messenger

For our session at SUGCON Europe 2017 session on the Microsoft Bot Framework and for the conference itself, we build a SUGCON Europe 2017 event bot. In the previous blogposts (Webchat integration & Skype channel integration), we showed you where you could find the Webchat integration and Skype integration with the SUGCON Europe 2017 bot. In this blogpost I’m going to show how you can access the bot through Facebook Messenger. (yes, this is the last post in this series ;-))

Like mentioned before: since this is an event bot, it’s main purpose is highlighting session info, agenda information, sponsor information etc….During SUGCON Europe 2017 attendees can access the bot through various channels, with their laptops, but also on their mobile devices through widely used apps like Skype and Facebook Messenger. In this blogpost the Facebook Messenger channel will be highlighted.

Facebook Messenger channel

To enable the SUGCON Europe 2017 bot into your Facebook Messenger app, you can go to the following Facebook page:, where you can chat with the SUGCON Europe 2017 bot or you can go directly to Facebook Messenger at and start chatting with the SUGCON bot.

We know it’s not a perfect bot, but it should do it’s purpose for the event. Go check out the bot in Facebook Messenger, one of the most used chat platforms at them moment,  and play with it.

During our presentation at SUGCON Europe 2017, we’re going to demo the bot as well in Facebook Messenger, and show how we build it. Besides that we’re also walk you through how you can connect Sitecore to the Bot Framework.

Want to learn more?

Come to our session at SUGCON Europe 2017

Thursday May 18th – 14:40-15:25 Room 3

For more information, contact:

Robbert Hock or Alex van Wolferen

SUGCON Europe 2017 website: