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Robbert Hock in first EMEA Sitecore Helix workshop

Millingen aan de Rijn, The Netherlands — February 1st, 2017 – Robbert Hock, Owner of Kayee and freelance Sitecore Technology Specialist will be part of the first EMEA Sitecore Helix workshop. The 2 day training (February 1st and 2nd) will be held online and will be given by Sitecore Helix evangelist Thomas Eldblom.

As a 8th year awarded Sitecore Technology MVP I want to stay up to date with the latest Sitecore recommended practices. This workshop allows me to deepen my Sitecore Helix experiences, the official recommended practices and guidelines from Sitecore, that enables me to implement Sitecore solutions that are both easy to maintain and highly flexible

The workshop delivers in-depth knowledge of the principles, conventions and guidelines which cover solution architecture, development recommended practices, DevOps strategies and more. Sitecore Helix is based on years of community input and experience in building Sitecore solutions. The workshop teaches me the product of these experiences.

I’m currently already already working on a new Sitecore 8.2 Update-2 platform, at my current client, where I’m already architecting the platform according to the Helix principles. This workshop will add new insights to my recent experience with Sitecore Helix and hopefully I can share my experiences as well.


The Sitecore Helix Workshop will give a deep-dive on Helix topics like:

  • Architecture
  • Modules Defined
  • Anatomy of a Helix Module
  • Loose Coupling
  • Multi-Tenant, Multi-Site and Globalization
  • DevOps
  • General Recommended Practices

Following the Helix design principles and best practices for Sitecore development, Robbert is helping Sitecore clients and Sitecore partners, such as digital agencies, across the globe to create immersive experiences across all digital channels for themselves and for their clients. As a Sitecore Architect Robbert has been responsible for a large number of Sitecore implementations that vary from campaign websites to multi-site & multi-language platforms.

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