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Sitecore releases version 8.1 of their Digital Experience platorm

On Tuesday October 20th 2015, Sitecore – global leader in customer experience management – released their new version of the digital platform: Sitecore 8.1.

In the 8.1 release, Sitecore added major updates and improvements to the award winning platform. Updates and improvements are being made in 3 key areas:

New features

Continuous Improvements


New features in Sitecore 8.1

The latest release of Sitecore is jam packed with new features:

Fully integrated Device Detection

Fully integrated IP Geolocation features

New Language Fallback features

Integrated Campaign Creator

Sitecore Device Detection service

The Sitecore Device Detection service uses visitors’ browser user agent string to identify the visitors’ devices and extract the device properties (such as device model, browser, device operating system, screen size and HTML5 audio and video capabilities). The service supports xDB and Experience Analytics, enabling reporting based on visitors’ device usage. Knowing the device enables the optimization and personalization of visitors’ website experiences. For example, an optimized visitor experience could include a mobile-friendly layout (through adaptive or responsive web design) and a personalized experience through promotions designed for a visitor using an Apple iPhone

Sitecore IP Geolocation service

The Sitecore IP Geolocation service uses website visitors’ unique IP addresses to automatically populate the Sitecore xDB with location details, for example, country, region, and city, when they visit a Sitecore-powered website. Depending on the IP address, company information is also sometimes available. This information helps personalize customers’ experiences and optimize their campaigns through segmentation, personalization, and profiling strategies.

Language Fallback

Sitecore 8.1 adds the Language Fallback as a core feature of the Sitecore Experience Platform. Language Fallback allows a developer to specify a default language when a visitor visits a page that does not have a relevant language version.

Integrated Campaign Creator

The Campaign Creator has now been integrated into the Sitecore Experience Platform and orovides a unified, user-friendly interface to create, classify and manage campaigns

Major improvements

The latest release of Sitecore has major improvements on the following areas:

  • Version management
  • Shared layout editing
  • Validation
  • Support for CMS-only mode has been added
  • Performance improvements
  • Reporting improvements
  • UX improvements

Besides that, Sitecore 8.1 now supports MVC 5.2.3 and adds support for MVC Areas

About Sitecore

Sitecore is the global leader in customer experience management. The company delivers highly relevant content and personalized digital experiences that delight audiences, build loyalty, and drive revenue. With the Sitecore® Experience Platform, marketers can own the experience of every customer that engages with their brand, across every channel.

More than 4,000 of the world’s leading brands—including American Express, Carnival Cruise Lines, easyJet, Heineken, and L’Oréal—trust Sitecore to help them deliver the meaningful interactions that win customers for life.

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