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Wow we’re almost already at the end of 2023. Sitecore’s MVP nomination season opened up again.

At the beginning of the year I received my 14th Sitecore MVP title from Sitecore and during the year I’ve been working on various headless Sitecore projects (both Next.js/JSS as well as on .NET Core with the ASP.NET Rendering SDK) of which some are already in production.

It has been a mixed year for me, partially recovering until September 2023 from a torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL), needed to focus on work while recovering, and then also share with the community. I tried to continue with my Sitecore blogging, something I increased a lot since 2019, 2020, 2021 & last year in 2022, but this year was less than the years before (hope I have some slack as a long time MVP 😉).

I’ve also continued to work on some open-source Sitecore projects, but now with the Sitecore MVP 2023 nominations coming up, in this blog-post I would like to write down what my contributions were to the Sitecore Community since the last MVP nomination round in November 2022.

Sitecore blogs

Sitecore open-source contributions

I contributed to or shared the following Sitecore open-source projects/code:

Sitecore XM Cloud for Developers ILT Beta training participation

As a long time Sitecore MVP and experience Sitecore headless developer/architect, I participated in the first Sitecore XM Cloud for Developers ILT Beta training, where I gave my feedback on the training material, helping out Sitecore getting their training and materials better.

My Goals for 2024

For 2024 one of my goals will be to do my first Sitecore XM Cloud project, and that will happen soon and my first project will be starting at the beginning of December 2023 ;-). So business wise and Sitecore technology wise I’ll continue to work on great Headless Sitecore projects (Next.js/JSS/SXA Headless). I will share more to the Sitecore Community on this exciting new technology, seeing where the limitations are compared to normal headless Sitecore XM/XP development, but also where it adds value technology wise, so expect me to produce way more technical posts in 2024 (also due to that the knee injury now finally has been taken care of). Next to that of course I also have to present more (wheter that’s on stage or on YouTube).

I also hope to be more engaged again with the Sitecore Community and see you all in real life again. Due to the recovery I had to cancel my picked session at SUGCON Europe 2023, which was a huge bummer for me personally. I promise, I’LL BE BACK! in 2024 😉

Last me to wish you all, that fill in their MVP application, lot’s of success in being selected to this prestigous award and title.

Tips & Tricks for your MVP nomination

Here are some tips and tricks that might help you with your application:

Wishing you all a great 2024 with lots of Sitecore-ing! Good luck on your Sitecore MVP nominations!