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Last week I learned to get a full insight into the new offering from Sitecore: Sitecore Experience Edge. As an affiliate partner on the Sitecore Affiliate Network (SAN), I got access to the Sitecore Experience Edge Partner Collection and learned all about this new offering.

Sitecore Experience Edge is a new set of services for headless content delivery at-scale and empowers marketers to quickly deploy content with the tools they need for content, planning, authoring, collaboration and analytics.

Sitecore Experience Edge comes in 2 flavors:

Sitecore Experience Edge is available in two different flavors:

  • Sitecore Experience Edge for Content Hub, which will enable brands to publish content to a highly scalable content delivery network, exposing high-performing GraphQL APIs to serve headless content on demand to any channel.
  • Sitecore Experience Edge for Experience Manager (XM), which will allow customers on XM to leverage a highly scalable delivery platform for static publishing of Sitecore JSS sites and runtime content delivery for headless sites.

If you’re interested in Sitecore Experience Edge I advise you to watch the 2 video’s below by Pieter Brinkman and Akshay Sura.

Happy Sitecore-ing!

— Robbert