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Sitecore MVP Robbert Hock will join the best of the best of the Sitecore community

On September 28th 2015 Robbert Hock, Sitecore MVP, Sitecore Freelancer & owner of Kayee, will attend the ‘exclusive’ Sitecore MVP Summit 2015 in New Orleans, USA. During the 3 day summit (28th September – 30th September), Sitecore will share and give insights on the future plans of the Digital platform.

Part of the vision and development of Sitecore in the future

The summit will give Kayee and it’s owner Robbert Hock a kick start into the new features that Sitecore will release in the upcoming future and will give a ‘unique’ peek in the Sitecore kitchen.

To be able to create relations with the key-people within Sitecore and the other Sitecore MVP’s is truly something I’m looking forward to. This is the ultimate chance to talk to the people that actually change Sitecore. To be part of the vision and development for the future of the best Digital Experience Platform ‘Sitecore’,  is absolutely fantastic.

Topics that will be discussed during the Sitecore MVP Summit 2015 in New Orleans will be:

  • The Future of Marketing; marketing vs tech
  • xDB vNext
  • Speak 2.0
  • CMS vNext
  • Platform Evolution, update vNext last year
  • Commerce Evolution and Integration
  • Sitecore 8: Lessons Learned

And there will be lot’s of Round Table Discussions and an exclusive Q & A with the Executive Staff, which will address questions about products, future, features, vision and strategics to the Sitecore founders and key members.

Sitecore and ASP.NET vNext: The Next Generation

During the Sitecore MVP Summit a lot of sessions will cover vNext: xDB vNext Open Discussion, CMS vNext Open Discussion, Platform Evolution, update vNext last year.

ASP.NET vNext provides a more modular, extensible, asynchronous, and much leaner framework to build every kind of Web application on the Microsoft stack. By building a much more modular base runtime, that’s pluggable, it will be much easier to host ASP.NET on any kind of hosting platform in the future. Because it’s modular, you can pick and choose the features and frameworks you need to run your application, resulting in much leaner applications.

I’m looking forward to see the vision and results of what Sitecore is doing to bring the Web Content Management System and awarded Digital Platform to the next generation of ASP.NET. It’ll be exciting to be able to hear and probably see this as one of the first people in the world.

Sitecore community

Meeting well-known Sitecore MVP’s who I’ve engaged with on Twitter, through email, Slack or on the Sitecore Community forum is fantastic. This is a great way of meeting them, either for the first time or seeing them again after a while since for example SUGCON Europe 2015 or previously meetings.

More info on the Sitecore MVP Summit 2015 in New Orleans can be found here.

In case you want to meet me at the summit, do engage with me!